L'éloge du vin à table

As many authors have said, wine is man's best friend when consumed in moderation and his greatest enemy when taken in excess. It is the companion of our lives, our consolation in times of sadness, an adornment of our prosperity, the main source of our true sensations.

It is milk for old people, a balm for adults, and a channel for food-lovers. A great meal without wine is like a ball without an orchestra, a clown without make-up or an apothecary without cinchona... As soon as the wines start flowing into the glasses, every heart opens up with trust and merriment, everybody leaves gravity behind, your neighbour becomes your friend... and providing the host makes sure the wines are served gradually, ending with the strongest, the guests around the table will soon form a meeting of jolly brothers and genuine friends.

Alexandre Grimod de La Reynière (1758-1838)

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